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Hot Tub Life!

Here are a few suggestions/steps to take to make it an enjoyable experience daily.

Number One

Taking a shower before and sometimes after use will help maintain a proper swimming environment & extends the longevity of the water/hot tub itself. We don’t want skin oils, lotions and sunscreen in the tub because they clog the filter very easily, which can lead to hot tub mechanical issues cause other issues with water chemistry.

Number Two

Swimsuits are nice, but not necessary. Make sure you don’t wash them with laundry  detergent!! Just run them through the wash on rinse! Swimsuits hold in old detergent and that creates a bubble bath in your tub along with added water chemistry issues.


Once a week: One Cap/One Tablespoon of Non-Chlorinated Shock

Every two weeks: scrub the cover and shell down completely with a soft bristle brush. Run the Jets for about 5 minutes and catch all that refuse in the filter. Test the water and add spa up/ph up or down as needed. Add a cap full of scent if desired. Toss two tabs of chlorine in the filter housing or your floater, if needed, and you are good to go!

One tab of Chlorine will last about one week, so it’s nice to use two so it lasts about two weeks. Adding more than two tabs every two weeks is not recommended. If you see Chlorine in your floater, you have plenty in the tub.

Clean the filter when necessary. It will be brown and dirty after a while. I usually clean it every 4 to 6 weeks with a garden hose handle. If it’s really nasty, I take it to the car wash and rinse it on high pressure.

Change your water every 90 days. After a few months you will have a tub full of liquid chemicals and it will never be right when testing it. Water doesn’t  stay water forever & it will be slightly green and/or cloudy when it needs changing. When refilling your tub, ALWAYS FILL THROUGH THE FILTER AREA, this avoids a potential air lock that can
cause many problems with your tub.

Your tub is equipped with a water purification system known as an ozonator. An ozonator adds fresh ozone to your water & helps keep the bacteria and algae to a minimum without having to swim in a chemical bath. They only last a couple years, keep that in mind, because when they go out, the tub water will be green and smell like feet. I can send/install a new one when needed. They come with a one-year warranty.


You only need Shock, Chlorine, Spa Up/Spa Down & maybe some bath salt scent if you like.
SpaGuard pH Decreaser

SpaGuard pH Decreaser

SpaGuard's pH Decreaser provides spa owners with an easy way to lower high pH and alkalinity down to optimal levels, simply by adding this quick-dissolving granular formula to the water. pH Decreaser gradually lowers your pH and alkalinity until at the desired level, and also prevents scale build-up and cloudy water that also usually occurs when your spa operates at the high-end of the pH scale.
SpaGuard pH Increaser

SpaGuard pH Increaser

SpaGuard's pH Increaser provides spa owners with a quick-dissolving granular formula to raise dangerously low pH levels, preventing costly damage to spa plumbing, fixtures, and surfaces as well as provide a much more comfortable water supply for bathers. pH Increaser slowly raises pH levels to ensure accurate calculations to get the desired level. Your spas sanitizer will also operate better when not on the extremes of the pH scale, improving water quality.
SpaGuard Enhanced Shock

SpaGuard Enhanced Shock

SpaGuard's Enhanced Shock provides spa owners with a powerful, effective shock treatment to eliminate contaminants that build-up with use, while taking just 15 minutes to work. Oxidizers break down and remove organic compounds and their odors, as well as featuring a clarifier to help the filtering system detect and remove particles that remain. Enhanced Shock is compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, and ionization sanitizing systems, as well as being pH buffered to prevent changes to the delicate pH balance of your spa.